First VITALISE “Harmonization of Living Lab provided services terminology” Workshop Are you a Living Lab or an individual interested in the Living Lab offerings and methodology? We invite you to become a member of the VITALISE Harmonization Body and contribute your knowledge and experience to this joint effort!

On July 1st 2021 we had our first online workshop to discuss the “Harmonization of Living Lab provided services terminology”. The aim of the workshop was to develop an initial version of the harmonized process, including a common template for describing services and communicate those outcomes in a clear and effective way.
More open events are coming! Click here to learn more about the VITALISE Harmonization Body and how you can become part of it.
Virtual Health and Wellbeing Living Lab Infrastructure VITALISE aims to harmonize Living Lab procedures and open Living Lab Infrastructures as a means to facilitate and promote research activities in the Health and Wellbeing domain in Europe and beyond.

Transnational access to 17 Living Lab research infrastructures and remote digital access to datasets (Virtual Access) will be offered to external researchers from all disciplines through three open calls starting from next year. External researchers will have the opportunity to conduct part of their study in rehabilitation, transitional care and everyday life activities or any other domain by visiting the VITALISE living labs.
Click here to learn more about VITALISE.
Click here to see the video of our open session. Get to know VITALISE project On Tuesday, April 20, 2021 we hold our kick-off meeting
where we presented VITALISE project.

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