More than forty (40) researchers can get free Transnational Access to the Research Infrastructures of the VITALISE Project from May 2023 on by submitting their applications by 31 October 2022! All academic, industrial and government researchers, master students, entrepreneurs and Living Lab Practitioners can claim free access to our Living Labs to conduct their research studies for free. The 2nd Open Call for Transnational Access to the Living Labs of the VITALISE Project is now on! The selected applicants will also receive daily allowance and financial reimbursement for their travel expenses. Here is what you need to know!

Harmonisation & Common standards

Due to the lack of a harmonised framework, many Health & Wellbeing Living Labs face non-optimal use of time and resources and inability to exploit research results. The VITALISE Project is working towards new Standard Versions to harmonise the processes and procedures of Health and Wellbeing Living Labs.

Transnational Access to our Research Infrastructures

VITALISE project grants free Transnational Access to external researchers from multiple disciplines to the project’s Livings Lab Research Infrastructures. The external researchers approved for Transational Access will have the opportunity to conduct research studies in the available infrastructures through an application process that takes place in 3 consecutive Open Calls.

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Joint Research Activities

The Joint Research Activities (JRAs) of VITALISE Project bring together researchers from different Living Labs in collaborative projects that lead to joint results, publications and presentations. The JRAs are designed in a way that can combine and capitalize on research experience and expertise from different Living Labs of the VITALISE consortium and create innovation testbeds for three different domains in Living Lab Health & Wellbeing research: rehabilitationtransitional care and everyday living environments.

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