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5+1 Reasons Why to Apply for Virtual Access

VITALISE Virtual Access service is designed to revolutionize the way researchers and innovators access datasets and enhance their research capabilities. External researchers will be provided with the e-infrastructures needed to perform data analysis in existing datasets without the need for full access to data, thus providing effective data access, curation and analysis procedures.

Here’s are 5+1 reasons why you should apply for VITALISE’s Virtual Access Service.

1. Unparalleled Data Access

The Discovery Portal provides access to datasets, with a special focus on datasets that may not adhere to a specific data model, giving you a wider array of valuable information.

2. Comprehensive Metadata Catalogues

The platform boasts metadata catalogues, organized and indexed based on the VITALISE Data Model. This ensures easy access to vital information about various datasets.

3. Request, Access, and Download Datasets

Researchers and users can request, access, and download Synthetic Datasets tailored to their research and analytical needs, streamlining the research process.

4. Cutting-Edge Tools

Discover tools that help identify experiment properties, available data, and access rules, facilitating a deeper understanding of your data.

5. Long-Term Data Preservation:

The RAI Cloud Server ensures the preservation of research assets and information used in scientific experiments, guaranteeing their availability over time.

6. Blockchain Security

To safeguard research results, assets, and information, our innovative system encrypts and records them into a blockchain network, creating a unique RAI identifier. This offers an extra layer of security and traceability.

VITALISE’s Virtual Access Service offer an all-encompassing solution for researchers and innovators, providing access, tools, and security to elevate your research endeavors.

Apply for the Virtual Access here!