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9+2 reasons why you should apply for TA to the Living Labs of VITALISE project

The launch of our 2nd Open Call for Transnational Access to our Living Labs is just around the corner! The official announcement is coming in September, so make sure you register here to get notified first! With that being said, we want to take this opportunity to share with you some of the most important reasons to apply for TA. Research can lead to big innovations, but also great moments of fun! Keep reading till the end to find out what is in it for you!

1) You can level-up your research!

Living Labs are research infrastructures that enable research studies in real life environments with the involvement of multiple stakeholders, ensuring strong focus on the end-users, co-creation and enabling innovation. The added value stemming from Living Labs has caught the attention of the European Commission and the research community, and it is expected that there will be large investments in employing the Living Lab tools and methodologies in future research.

2) You can save a lot of time on research processes.

You do not have to waste time on the time-consuming process of recruiting and engaging people with specific sociodemographic and clinical profiles to design and test your products or services. The Transnational Access (TA) programme of VITALISE project accelerates this process and provides instant access to the panels and services of the Living Lab research infrastructures of the project.

3) Access is free and you receive financial aid for your daily expenses and travel costs!

The project covers all applicable costs for your visit and research studies to your preferred infrastructure. Additionally, funding is provided for travel costs, accommodation and daily subsistence:

  • Travel costs: max. 500€
  • Housing and subsistence: max. 100 €/day

4) There are multiple research areas eligible and you can definitely find a Living Lab that covers yours!

Our research infrastructures support research studies on health and wellbeing, accessibility design, applied economics, biomedics, communication and approx. 20 more research areas. There is definitely one Living Lab for you! Check them all out here.

5) You get access to unique technologies.

The Living Labs of VITALISE project offer access to unique technologies that are not easily and broadly accessible in the research community. Check them all out here.

6) You get flexibility on whether you will attend physically or remotely.

Turns out you are not able to travel to another country for the defined period of time? No problem! You can choose to conduct your research studies, either by being physically present in the infrastructure or by accessing and analysing data partially or fully remote.

7) It is a great networking opportunity to meet your peers and make friends!

The Transnational Access programme is a great opportunity to meet your peers and other experts in the field, expand your network and explore new collaboration opportunities.

8) You open up collaboration opportunities with recognised experts and institutions!

You can choose to submit a proposal concerning one of the project’s Joint Research Activities (JRAs) and perform research studies in collaboration with some of our best experts in their field. The Joint Research Activities (JRAs) bring together researchers from different Living Labs in collaborative projects for three different domains in Living Lab Health and Wellbeing research, i.e.: (i) Rehabilitation, (ii) Transitional care and (iii) Everyday living environments. Discover more here.

9) You get trained and certified by the best!

By getting granted Transnational Access to our Living Labs, you also get access to a huge knowledge database and capacity building opportunities on the application of the Living Lab tools and methodologies in your research studies and the commercialisation of your research results. Check them out here.

+1) You get to travel and live to a new country!

With our TA programme you get to visit a new place and live there for up to 30 days for free! Our 17 Living Lab research infrastructures are located in 7 different countries in Europe and beyond, hence you get to visit either Spain, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Canada, Hungary or Austria, learn the local culture and meet local people. How fascinating?

+2) It is fun and you get to meet cool people!

Except for excellent professionals, our team members are also super cool people that you will definitely enjoy working with!

Interested to know more about Transnational Access?