Vitalise-Project / A Research Visit and Joint Research between the Nagykovácsi Wellbeing Living Lab in Hungary and the University of Malaga

A Research Visit and Joint Research between the Nagykovácsi Wellbeing Living Lab in Hungary and the University of Malaga

Author: Enikő Nagy (TREBAG)

Nagykovácsi Wellbeing Living Lab (NWLL) recently launched a groundbreaking fitness research project aimed at evaluating the relationship between physical fitness, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle habits in seniors aged 55 and above. For kicking off this research an external researcher, José Carlos Fernández-García joined our team as part of the Vitalise Transnational Access Program between 21 June and 4 July. Involved were also 38 enthusiastic senior citizens, all of whom were eager to contribute to the advancement of senior health and well-being.

Transnational Access Programme in Nagykovácsi Wellbeing Living Lab

Supported by the esteemed Professor José Carlos Fernández-García, a renowned expert in Physical Activity and Health at the University of Málaga, the project aimed to assess various aspects of physical fitness and correlate them with lifestyle habits to gain valuable insights into improving senior health.

Professor José Carlos Fernández-García, joined in and supported our research project. He holds an impressive academic background with a doctoral thesis in Biomedical Sciences and Sports Performance, which earned him various awards and recognition.

The primary objectives of this research were as follows:

1. Evaluate different levels and expressions of physical fitness focused on health and well-being.
2. Determine the relationship between physical fitness and lifestyle habits in seniors aged 55+.

The assessment involved several physical fitness tests, including evaluating aerobic capacity, flexibility, strength-endurance of lower limbs, upper limb strength and endurance, and dexterity. Additionally, the participants’ daily energy intake and healthy lifestyle habits were recorded using the internationally validated “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE QUESTIONNAIRE (HLQ).”

Nagykovácsi Wellbeing Living Lab

Established in 2011, Nagykovácsi Wellbeing Living Lab (NWLL) operated by Trebag Ltd is an educational and research centre, situated in Nagykovácsi, Hungary close to the capital. The Living Lab is active in initiating and encouraging programmes which contribute to the wellbeing of people with special focus on older adults as well as promoting ways for innovation and innovative solutions in the business sector.

It is engaged in developing solutions and training materials involving the end-users and relevant stakeholders, and exchanging practices in the topic with partners throughout Europe.
NWLL aims to continue its commitment to fostering a healthy and active lifestyle for seniors by implementing the findings from this research and providing tailored fitness programs and resources.
The success of this fitness research is a testament to NWLL’s dedication to advancing well-being among seniors, and is channelled into its programmes and projects for the benefit of the senior target group.

The immediate impact of this research is expected to result in several positive outcomes, such as improved health, greater awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, and better utilization of community resources for physical activity among seniors. Long-term benefits may include reduced healthcare costs associated with age-related conditions like sarcopenia and osteoporosis, as well as improved cognitive function and memory.