VITALISE Project in a nutshell

Researchers need convenient access to Health and Wellbeing Living Lab infrastructures and procedures, as well as policies that foster innovative, person-centred research. The Health and Wellbeing research community has invested a great deal of effort in creating Living Labs to conduct research and innovation projects, with a lifecycle limited to the project’s duration, due to non-optimal use of time and resources and lack of a harmonization framework for their provided services, which restrain the exploitation potential of research results from local communities.

To address these challenges, VITALISE interlinks three major living lab networks in Europe:

  • ENoLL, with 130 living lab members around the world, 41% of which are in the health and wellbeing domain;
  • EIT Health Living Labs, composed of 56 active Living Labs and an additional 37 that are in the process of joining, all of them in the health and wellbeing domain;
  • Forum LLSA comprised of 38 members, all of which in the health and wellbeing domain.

By bringing together these three (3) networks, VITALISE interconnects the majority of Living Labs across Europe, to cover all European geographical areas and all the spectrum of the Health and Wellbeing domain. The aim is to open up living lab infrastructures as a means to facilitate and promote research activities in the health and wellbeing domain in Europe and beyond by enabling in-person Transnational Access to seventeen (17) living lab research infrastructures and supporting remote digital access to datasets (Virtual Access) of rehabilitation, transitional care and everyday life activities through harmonized processes and common tools. The project will also develop training methods towards the wider understanding and valorisation of Living Lab methodologies in the research community.