Vitalise-Project / Fast Track Trainings

The VITALISE Fast Track Trainings

In order to ensure that the research conducted within the framework of the VITALISE Transnational Access Programme is of high quality, any researcher that is accepted for Transnational Access to the Living Lab Research Infrastructures of the VITALISE project, undergoes a fast track training.

The Fast Track Training program includes two activities; one before Transnational Access and one on-site. More specifically:

  • Before the actual visit in the infrastructure the researchers have to prepare and submit an ethical application in the local ethical committee with the support of the local researchers. The external researchers that propose a new research protocol, are obliged to acquire an ethical approval from the local ethical committee, if the proposal is accepted, prior to their visit.
  • The on-site fast track training lasts approx. 2 days and are realised on the Living Lab Research Infrastructure that the external researchers has been granted access to. This training provides the researcher with all the required information in order to understand the specific infrastructure, the personnel and the communication channels, as well as how to access the infrastructure.