Vitalise-Project / Harmonisation Wiki

Wiki for Living Lab Harmonisation

Discover VITALISE Project’s wiki page for Living Lab procedures harmonisation and help us define the next Standards Version for Health and Wellbeing Living Labs.

VITALISE Project aims to harmonise Living Lab procedures to facilitate and promote open Research & Innovation in the Health and Wellbeing domain in Europe and beyond. To achieve this, a collaborative wiki page to work on the Standards Version for Health and Wellbeing Living Labs was created and published here. The aim of the wiki is to guide Living Lab operators and researchers to execute, develop and maintain a harmonized framework for systematic Living Lab practices.

Establishing Living Lab management systems will:

  • promote the expansion and growth of Living Lab movement beyond current actors and customers,
  • stimulate cross-organization and transnational research collaboration,
  • enable data sharing and comparison of the research results,
  • increase research quality,
  • define a common terminology and language among researchers and practitioners.

 Check out the full document here.

Watch the video below for more instructions on how to use it