Vitalise-Project / Health and Wellbeing Living Lab Symposium


📢The VITALISE consortium together with ENoLL are glad to announce the organization of the event entitled Health and Wellbeing Living Lab symposium that will be held in Brussels, Belgium on the 20th of February 2024.

📍 Venue:, rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels

Topic: Living Labs as Research Infrastructures

The forthcoming symposium is dedicated to showcasing the outcomes of the VITALISE project, which focuses on harmonizing Living Lab services and procedures while recognizing Living Labs as integral Research Infrastructures.

Over the past three years, a collaborative effort among Living Labs in Health has actively demonstrated the significance of Living Labs as Research Infrastructures, effectively representing the global Living Lab community. The work undertaken in VITALISE aligns with the overarching vision of Living Labs developed over the last 15 years, manifesting in project results that advance the recognition and quality of harmonized Living Labs.

The symposium’s primary objective is to engage in collective reflection with the European Commission and relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries of Research Infrastructures. The aim is to discuss and plan the next steps toward a new era where Research Infrastructures are open and actively involve communities as powerful tools for co-research.

A second objective is to showcase completed or on-going research conducted within one or more Living Labs. This can be done through an oral presentation or a panel discussion/roundtable to the Symposium.

You can see the Agenda for the Health And Wellbeing Living Lab Symposium here:

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Research Presentation/Discussion:

Inviting researchers and practitioners to share their research and experience conducting Living Lab research with the wider Living Lab community.

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