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Join our Harmonization Board for Living Labs!

The challenge. In recent years, Living Labs have emerged as resilient research and innovation infrastructures that enable research studies in real life environments with the involvement of multiple stakeholders. Due to lack of a harmonization framework many project-oriented Living Labs that serve specific research purposes and have a lifecycle similar to a projects’ duration have emerged, leading to higher costs, non-optimal use of time and resources and limited exploitation of research results from local communities. At the same time Living Labs need sustainable business models to offer their valuable services in the Research and Development community.

The solution. It is time to address these challenges and bring all Living Labs together through our Harmonization Body to promote Open Research and Innovation.

The Harmonization Board. This Board will be composed of representatives of Health and Wellbeing Living Labs from the VITALISE consortium as well as external people with expertise and interest in Living Lab offerings but also in Harmonization procedures. This board will take decisions regarding the Standard Versions of the Living Labs.


What do I have to do?

  • Devote some of your time (approx. 3 hours/6 months) and share your knowledge and expertise, to discuss and assess the next Standard of Living Labs Procedures and Services and refine them.
  • Participate in the Harmonization Board General Assembly (in person or remotely, once every 6 months).
  • Participate in open harmonization events to share valuable knowledge with the community.

What’s in it for me?

  • Acknowledgment of participation in the Harmonization Board in every version of Living Lab Standard.
  • Participate in joint publications about the Living Labs Harmonization processes.
  • Be a member of a transnational network and explore new opportunities for collaboration.
  • Structure influential material for Living Labs’ future in the EU and beyond.

How can I participate?

Register here:

DEADLINE: 22-Nov- 21