Vitalise-Project / Objectives and Outcomes

Objectives: In order to address the challenge, VITALISE proposes the following macro objectives, which are aligned with the strategic goals of the Health and Wellbeing Living Labs Action Oriented Task Force of ENoLL, the EIT Health LLs and the Forum LLSA:

  1. Effective and convenient Transnational and Virtual access provided for research activities beyond the consortium partners. That is open access for researchers to conduct research by being physically present in one of the consortium’s Living Lab infrastructure or access and analyse remotely already collected data.
  2. Design and adopt beyond the state of the art ICT tools and e-infrastructures for data, computing and networking, and ensure connection to the European Open Science Cloud
  3. Knowledge sharing and training of researchers to optimally exploit all the essential Living Lab tools for their research
  4. Transnational Collaboration established among and beyond the consortium partners.

Outcomes: VITALISE outcomes are summarized in 2 main complementary elements: 1) the ICT tools for providing effective and convenient Virtual Access to researchers, and 2) the improvement and harmonization of services and procedures provided to researchers, specifically:

  1. ICT tool and e-infrastructure harmonization that will support access, curation, analysis and scholarly communication of services, software modules, data and devices used in Health and Wellbeing Living Labs. The harmonization will be on
    • Effective data collection during research experiments, that significantly helps researchers save lots of time required by managing data transcription or digitization (VICOM – T3.3)
    • Data storage in big data storages on the Living Labs premises to remove from researchers any complexity related data curation and leakage issues (VICOM-T3.6)
    • A VITALISE platform that enables transparent sharing and processing of data (VICOM-T3.6)
    • Indexing and matchmaking algorithms for all the collected datasets that will enable the accreditation of the principal investigator team and simplify the trustful open data access (CERTH-T3.8)
    • Comprehensive panel management tool for facilitating management of scientific panels (AUTH – T3.7)
  2. Harmonization of procedures that will help Health and Wellbeing Living Labs be consistently managed as they engage in research. The Harmonized procedures will improve quality of contribution by the Living Labs through continuous testing during the Joint Research Activities. The Harmonization will result in the creation of standards that will be open and publicly available, so that they will appeal to all Living Labs beyond the three involved networks (T2.2). At the same time, VITALISE will monitor researchers satisfaction on the Living Labs’ services and procedures provided, by using relevant and appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)(T2.3) that will, in turn, be used to drive their further improvement.