Vitalise-Project / Pitching for Success

How to convey the value of your research findings to non-academics. Communicating the value of your research results to lay audiences is more complex than you think. 

Elevate your skills at pitching research results to investors, businesses, and other non-academic audiences with VITALISE Pitch Clinic Event. 

Seize the opportunity to advance your pitching techniques and turn your innovative research into investment success!

Join our exclusive three-day Pitch Clinic, hosted by Anthology Ventures

Through a combination of workshops and seminars, we will examine the following topics:

  • Key elements that investors look for in research results
  • Presenting complex scientific research to lay audiences in 5’ or less
  • Navigating the journey from Research to Product to Business
  • Understanding the Difference between TRL (Technology Readiness Level) and BRL (Business Readiness Level)
  • Sources of support for early-stage research startups
  • Practice pitching your findings in front of experienced investment professionals


Who should attend: Researchers, Faculty, Students and anyone looking to improve their skills at pitching a research-based business concept.

Save the Dates (all times CET)

Tuesday, 13th February: Presenting to Lay Audiences


15.00 – 16.00: “Understanding how Investors Think and What They are Looking For” Seminar with Anthology Ventures

Private investors have particular criteria that drive their decisions. We will explore the main points that can enhance or inhibit the chances for successfully raising money from VCs and Angel Investors.

16.00 – 17.00: “Mastering the Art of Persuasive Presentations for Research-based Startups” Workshop with Anthology Ventures

Presenting research results to a non-expert audience can be challenging. We will focus on how to clearly identify and communicate the elements of a research-based solution to a lay audience, so the business value is easily understood.

17.00 – 17.30: “Why We Say Yes to Tech Transfer Startups” Interview with Stergios Anastasiadis, Genesis Ventures

What are the potential challenges and rewards of investing in tech-transfer startups? When, and how, should researchers approach a tech-transfer fund? Why is tech-transfer a priority for startup ecosystems? Questions and answers from an experienced investor.


Thursday, 15th February: Support for Your Startup


15.00 – 16.00: “Creating a Clear Value Proposition” Workshop with Anthology Ventures

Value Propositions are an essential element of any startup’s communication strategy, yet crafting this “simple statement” is not always an easy task. Through examples and discussion, we will work together to understand, analyse and improve the way we communicate value to a variety of audiences, in one short phrase.

16.00 – 17.00: “TRL to BRL – the Path to Commercialization with EIC Support” Presentation by Antti Heikkilä, Aceller8 Venture Builder

Getting research results out of the lab and into the real world is sometimes a complicated journey. This presentation will focus on the various stages of commercialization, and the kinds of support that the EIC offers to aid Europe’s entrepreneurial research community

17.00 – 17.30: “From Funded Project to Funded Company”
Interview with a Startup Founder

What is it really like to take a project from the lab to the market? How does a team make the transition from researchers to startup founders? What challenges must be confronted along the way? We will hear from a startup founder who is currently tackling these issues while building a solution for the healthcare market.

Thursday 22nd February – Final Pitch Event 


15:00 – 17.30: Pitching Your Business Concept Group Workshop with with Anthology Ventures

Now is your chance! Participants will present a research-based business concept to the group and receive constructive feedback and valuable insights from experienced professionals to help refine your pitch.

Benefits for Researchers

  • Explore the craft of delivering influential research presentations and perfect the art of articulating your findings with impact.
  • Present your commercialization or monetization strategies in a convincing manner, positioning yourself for potential investment opportunities
  • Build meaningful relationships by sharing your upcoming collaboration strategies and connecting with others who have shared interests.
  • Highlight your research experience and leave a lasting impression on your peers and industry professionals.

Participation is free of charge however registration is required.