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Guiding Map for Transnational Access to the Living Labs of VITALISE Project

As the launch of our second Open Call for Transnational Access to the Living Lab Research Infrastructures of VITALISE Project is approaching (September 2022!), we would like to take this opportunity to check in with you and share a map to help you guide through the different Living Lab infrastructures offered for Transnational Access.

In VITALISE Project we have 17 Living Lab Research Infrastructures, in 7 different countries in Europe and Canada. Each Living Lab offers different services and technologies to support your research. For this reason, we highly recommend that you check the services and technologies offered by each infrastructure before you submit your application, in order to ensure the feasibility of your proposal. you can do so by clicking on the links provided in the descriptions of each infrastructure, that will lead you to the infrastructure’s page.

Stay tuned!

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