Vitalise-Project / The project

VITALISE project aims to support Living Labs by developing ICT tools for shared access on similar devices and applications, as well as creating a Harmonization Body to proceed towards the harmonization of procedures of Health and Wellbeing Living Labs.

Health and wellbeing research community Living Labs establish trust with local communities in the evaluation and exploitation of research results. Several Living Labs are created to serve research-specific purposes during some projects, with a lifecycle similar to the project’s duration, leading to non-optimal use of resources and time, ineffective distribution of work and expertise, and limited exploitation of research results from local communities. These challenges could be diminished if researchers had access to convenient Health and Wellbeing Living Lab ecosystems, infrastructures, procedures, and policies that foster innovative, person-centered research. 

By bringing together three networks, ENoLL, Forum LLSA, and EIT Health Living Labs, VITALISE interconnects the majority of Living Labs across Europe, to cover all European geographical areas and all the spectrum of the Health and Wellbeing domain, through designing and developing ICT tools for shared access of similar devices and applications used across Living Labs, as well as for collecting, storing, and sharing datasets. Also, VITALISE will enhance closer interaction between multidisciplinary researchers among and beyond the consortium partners through the Joint Research Activities, Transnational Physical and Virtual Access, proceeding towards the harmonization of procedures of Health and Wellbeing Living Labs by developing a Harmonization Body.

VITALISE becomes a Health and Wellbeing-focused Starting Community facilitating the trans-national or virtual access to its infrastructures and implementation of Open Innovation 2.0 projects, helping to achieve their objectives as for example to create pan-European experiments and prototypes for new markets, based on the Digital Single Market. The following research infrastructures will be available for transnational access of external researchers through the open calls and will participate also in the implementation of Joint Research Activities.

  1. Living Lab infrastructures for rehabilitation: AUTH Centrifuge rehabilitation Living Lab, Thomas More gaitlab – Mobilab, GAIA and Ocean Living Lab for rehabilitation, INTRAS rehabilitation Living Lab.
  2. Living Lab infrastructures for transitions in care: AUTH Health care transition Living Lab, INTRAS VR/AR and Snoezelen room, Thomas More LiCalab experience lab, UPM-LifeSTech- The Smart House Living Lab, Laurea Simulated Hospital, McGill – CRIR rehabilitation Living Lab.
  3. Living Lab infrastructures for Smart environments: AUTH living environment simulation, GAIA Smart Spaces, INTRAS MIND lab for AHA & Independent Living, LiCalab older adults’ homes, Nagykovácsi Wellbeing Living Lab- Trebag, Laurea Activity Living Lab, ΑΙΤ Technology Experience Laboratory.