Vitalise-Project / The VITALISE Project at the Open Living Lab Days 2022 (OLLD22)

The VITALISE Project at the Open Living Lab Days 2022 (OLLD22)

The Open Living Lab Days 2022, organized by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs), the coordinator of the VITALISE Project, was held in Turin from 20-24th of September and it was completed with huge success! Several partners of the consortium attended the event, including: AUTH Medical Physics & Digital Innovation Lab, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, LiCalab, ViLabs, Social IT, and Anthology Ventures, experiencing plenty of creative stimuli and new innovation prospects.

The Learning Lab Day 0 on the 20th of September marked the beginning of the event. It was a one-day training offered by ENoLL to newcomers of the Living Lab community and enthusiast Living Lab practitioners, interested in learning more about the key elements and operations of Living Labs. Experienced and aspiring Living Lab partners took part in interesting research activities and training sessions promoting knowledge sharing thanks to pioneering methodologies, special presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on exercises. Thanks to the VITALISE Project, 15 spots were offered to researchers interested in the Living Lab offerings and methodology for free.

On the same day and right after Learning Lab Day 0, the innovation partner of the VITALISE Project, Anthology Ventures, hosted the VITALISE Commercialization Bootcamp. Offered to idea owners, coaches, managers, startups, and researchers seeking to assess the innovation readiness of their projects and exploit their research results, the Bootcamp introduced tools for conducting a reality check and defining more objectively the progress towards commercialization. Overall, the attendants had a unique knowledge trip by properly utilizing research results through productive interaction, ideas exchange, new tools, and expert guidance on the commercialization readiness and maturity level of their projects supported by Living Labs.

Then, on the 21st of September the main programme of the OLLD22 event kicked off and the attendants had the opportunity to participate in several learning and networking activities for three consecutive days. At the epicenter of the event was the prospect of open innovation for inclusive, green, and digital transition through emerging technologies! Various crucial workshops and topic debates took place focusing on how a significant number of Living Labs from different fields respond effectively to the Healthier Societies & Citizens’ Wellbeing challenge.

The OLLD22 event offered the perfect ground for the VITALISE Project partners to communicate several aspects of the project and promote participatory activities to external stakeholder groups. The official kick-off of the 2nd Open Call for Transnational Access to the Living Labs of the VITALISE project was announced during the event, along with an inspiring list of research topics for the applicants to choose from. All individuals interested in the Living Lab offerings and methodology can become a part of this community by joining the 2nd Open Call for Transnational Access to the Living Labs of the project working on their own projects or one of the main research areas of the project, i.e., (i) Rehabilitation, (ii) Transitional care and (iii) Everyday living environments (see Joint Research Activities).

In addition, the VITALISE Project Coordinator and Chairperson of ENoLL, Evdokimos Konstantinidis introduced publicly for the first time Accelup at the OLLD 2022!  Accelup is a new online platform that aims to revolutionize the way Living Labs offer their services and network, creating equal opportunities for sustainable innovation partnerships. All participants were encouraged to register to the platform at and experiment with new ways of sealing deals and working on projects.

The Living Lab community keeps thriving thanks to its revolutionary ways and confident steps! We are already counting down for the upcoming Open Living Lab Days to take place in Barcelona in 2023!