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2nd Open Call | Transnational Access to the Research Infrastructures of VITALISE Project

The 2nd Open Call for Transnational Access to the Living Labs of VITALISE Project is now open and we are looking forward to receiving your applications. Keep scrolling to find out how you can apply!

Through the Transnational Access (TA) Programme, VITALISE project opens up 17 Living Lab Research Infrastructures located in 7 different countries to external researchers from multiple disciplines, so that they conduct their research studies for free. The external researchers applying for TA may choose to work on their own projects or one of the main research areas of the project, i.e., (i) Rehabilitation, (ii) Transitional care and (iii) Everyday living environments (see Joint Research Activities).

TA can be (i) fully in-person, (ii) partially remote (i.e., in-person access for a specific time period combined with remote access to the infrastructure’s facilities for the rest of the unit of access) or (iii) fully remote. Reasearchers may only apply for TA to institutions located in different countries from the organisation they represent. During in-person TA, researchers will receive financial support for travel subsistence and daily allowance, while there will be no refund during the remote period of access. Each Infrastructure has an estimated access time of 30 days (unit of access) for each project.

How can I apply?

Follow the steps indicated below to ensure a successful application.

1) Explore the Infrastructures

First step in the application process is to read about the Research Infrastructures of VITALISE Project that are available for Transnational Access. Make sure you pay attention to all the details that are necessary for successfully implementing your research proposal.

2) Explore the Joint Research Activities (JRAs)

The Joint Research Activities (JRAs) bring together researchers from different Living Labs in collaborative projects for three different domains in Living Lab Health and Wellbeing research, i.e.: (i) Rehabilitation, (ii) Transitional care and (iii) Everyday living environments. If you are interested you may apply to jointly conduct research studies with our consortium partners in these areas.

3) Compare the Infrastructures

It is recommended to pay close attention to the Services, Technologies, Stakeholders Population and all the necessary information that affect the quality and outcomes of your research. Please note that you may apply for up to three (3) different Research Infrastructures. Please advise the link below to see how the infrastructures compare by means of services.

4) Read the Application Manual

For further information and guidance about the application process, procedures and terms and conditions please make sure to carefully read the Application Manual.

5) Advise the FAQs section in case there are any questions.

Please advice our FAQs section, in case you still have questions to ask. For further information, you may also contact info(at)

6) Download the Application Template

I download the Application template according to which I am going to write my research proposal.

7) Submit your Application through the Toolkit

8) Still need help?

We are here to support you throughout the application process.

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