Vitalise-Project / VITALISE and Co-Udlabs project: Opening up European Research Infrastructures for Transnational Access

VITALISE and Co-Udlabs project: Opening up European Research Infrastructures for Transnational Access

The VITALISE Project Coordinator, Dr Evdokimos Konstantinidis, the Scientific Coordinator of the project, Despoina Petsani (Harmonisation Board Coordinator) and Ada Pellumbaj (Dissemination and Communication Manager) met with the Project Management and Coordinator  team of Co-UDlabs project, Jose Anta Alvarez, Laura De Nale and Andrea Ciambra on Thursday, 10 February 2022 to discuss about opening up European research infrastructures for Transnational Access to external researchers.

The main agenda items were:

  • The optimisation of the process of providing Transnational Access to European researchers, as well as deciding on the optimal selection criteria for the applicants of the Open Calls.
  • The exploration of opportunities to collaborate and promote the interests, goals and common good for both projects.
  • The establishment of synergies to work collaboratively on the communication and dissemination of the outputs and outcomes of the two projects.
  • The organisation of joint events among the different INFRAIA EU-funded projects to make European research infrastructures sustainable and open to the whole research community.

The discussion was very fruitful, with interesting outcomes and essential exchange of knowledge.

About Co-UDlabs Project

Co-UDlabs aims to integrate 17 key large scale research facilities at a European scale into an ambitious project aiming to offer the R&D community, water infrastructure operators and their supply chain high quality laboratory and field facilities, human resources, high level training opportunities and improved data sharing platforms in order to meet major UDS related societal, environmental, and economic sustainability challenges of the 21st Century.

The main objective of Co-UDlabs is to provide a transnational multidisciplinary collaborative research infrastructure that will allow stakeholders, academic researchers and innovators in the urban drainage water sector to come together, share ideas, co-produce project concepts and then benefit from access to top-class research infrastructures to develop, improve and demonstrate those concepts, thereby building a collaborative European Urban Drainage innovation community.

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