Vitalise-Project / VITALISE and EXCITE Network: Opening up European Research Infrastructures for Transnational Access

VITALISE and EXCITE Network: Opening up European Research Infrastructures for Transnational Access

The VITALISE Project Coordinator, Dr Evdokimos Konstantinidis and Ada Pellumbaj (Dissemination and Communication Manager) met with the Project Coordination team of EXCITE Network, Sylvia Walter and Geertje ter Maat on Thursday, 10 February 2022 to discuss about opening up European research infrastructures for Transnational Access to external researchers.

The main agenda items were:

  • The optimisation of the process of providing Transnational Access to European researchers, as well as deciding on the optimal selection criteria for the applicants of the Open Calls.
  • The exploration of opportunities to collaborate and promote the interests, goals and common good for both projects.
  • The establishment of synergies to work collaboratively on the communication and dissemination of the outputs and outcomes of the two projects.
  • The organisation of joint events among the different INFRAIA EU-funded projects to make European research infrastructures sustainable and open to the whole research community.

The discussion was very fruitful, with interesting outcomes and essential exchange of knowledge.

About EXCITE Network

The EXCITE Network is the leading European electron and X-ray imaging infrastructure for research into Earth materials. Their imaging facilities are available to support scientific work.

EXCITE helps to gain access to leading-edge electron and X-ray imaging facilities to answer questions around Earth-materials research. By analysing the microscale, they gain insights into processes that control the bigger picture.

The EXCITE Network actively connects scientists from various disciplines, including geoscientists, engineers, biologists, computer scientists, environmental scientists, material scientists and even health scientists to world-class imaging technology. They inspire and foster cooperation, so that researchers can conduct interdisciplinary research into Earth and planetary materials.

Discover more about EXCITE Network in this link.