Vitalise-Project / VITALISE and MOSBRI project: Opening up European Research Infrastructures for Transnational Access

VITALISE and MOSBRI project: Opening up European Research Infrastructures for Transnational Access

The VITALISE Project Coordinator, Dr Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Despoina Petsani (Harmonisation Board Coordinator) and Ada Pellumbaj (Dissemination and Communication Manager) met with the Project Management and Coordinator  team of MOSBRI project, Patrick England, Søren Vrønning Hoffmann and Liliana Avila Ospina on Thursday, 10 February 2022 to discuss about opportunities and potential collaborations to open up European research infrastructures for Transnational Access to external researchers.

The main agenda items of the meeting were:

  • Presentation of VITALISE Project and MOSBRI Project.
  • Knowledge exchange for the optimisation of the process of providing Transnational Access to European researchers, as well as optimisation of the selection criteria for the applicants of the Open Calls.
  • Exploration of opportunities to collaborate and promote the interests, goals and common good of both projects.
  • The establishment of synergies to work collaboratively work on the communication and dissemination of the advances, outputs and outcomes of the two projects.
  • The organisation of joint events between the two projects and in collaboration with other INFRAIA EU-funded projects to make European research infrastructures sustainable and open to the whole research community.

The discussion was very fruitful, with interesting outcomes and essential exchange of knowledge.

About MOSBRI Project

MOSBRI aims to address the pressing need for a truly integrated and multi-methodological taskforce, combining the best up-to-date instrumentation and the best expertise available in Europe, to the benefit of all researchers in the fields of biomedicine, biotechnology, biomaterials and beyond, from both academia and industry (notably SMEs).

MOSBRI networks 2 industrial partners and 13 academic centres of excellence from 11 different countries, each having unique and complementary expertise, and all currently offering biophysics services within schemes based on institutional policies. MOSBRI provides access to a truly integrated panel of methodological tools and associated expertise, enabling breakthrough scientific discoveries concerning the molecular basis of biological processes and the development of novel therapeutic and prophylactic treatments. In addition, continuous improvement of laboratory practices and cross-fertilization between centres will be attained through exchange of staff, joint research activities and multi-laboratory benchmarking actions.

Discover the project here.