Vitalise-Project / VITALISE Commercialisation Bootcamp 2022 Training Materials

VITALISE Commercialisation Bootcamp 2022 Training Materials

Researchers need the necessary know-how and effective tools to create the right capacities to exploit their research results and drive innovation and technological advancement in Europe and beyond. The VITALISE Project supports European researchers in the process of making the results and benefits of their developed solutions attractive and known to the industry, through the VITALISE Commercialisation Bootcamps.

Offered to idea owners, coaches, managers, startups, and researchers seeking to exploit their research results, for assessing the innovation readiness of projects, the Bootcamps introduce tools for conducting a reality check and defining more objectively the progress towards commercialization. Key steps and questions that need to be answered objectively guide researchers in allocating suitable resources to control and guide the innovation process while setting realistic short- and long-term goals.

All the training materials produced within the framework of the VITALISE Commercialisation Bootcamps are available in the links below:

Commercialisation Deck

Commercialisation Pathway

KTH IRL Dashboard

VITALISE 2022 Bootcamp

VITALISE customer & user analysis

VITALISE Day 0 OLLD Bootcamp

VITALISE Fundraising

VITALISE Investment Basics

VITALISE launching MVP

VITALISE Market Sizing