Vitalise-Project / VITALISE Commercialisation Bootcamps

The VITALISE Commercialisation Bootcamps

Researchers need the necessary know-how and effective tools to create the right capacities to exploit their research results and drive innovation and technological advancement in Europe and beyond. The VITALISE Project wants to support European researchers in the process of making the results and benefits of their developed solutions attractive and known to the industry, by focusing on the potential market value of these results for commercial exploitation. VITALISE believes thats developed solutions can become viable for longer term exploitation if researchers become aware of specific strategies for further exploitation of the results and the support networks and tools available to them.

To this end, the project will be organising the VITALISE Commercialisation Bootcamps within the framework of the annual flagship ENoLL event, the Open Living Lab Days. The Bootcamps combine theoretical content taught in the form of seminars and practical, hands-on workshops involving all participants. More specifically:

  • The theoretical content includes an introduction to the key principles of entrepreneurship that will help all participants understand the process of developing an idea into a business concept, including key elements of business building i.e., need/problem/solution, customer validation, competitive landscape, basic finance, and pitching.
  • The acceleration bootcamp builds upon this training and uses practical exercises based upon industry-standard Startup Theory and Practices to assist the participants in developing their business strategy and/or tactics. Indicative topics to be covered include business modeling, go-to-market strategy, scaling, revenue model, partnering, and raise of funding.

The VITALISE Commercialisation Bootcamps are prepared and executed by Anthology Ventures, the innovation partner of the VITALISE project.

The VITALISE commercialisation Bootcamp 2022

Offered to idea owners, coaches, managers, startups, and researchers seeking to exploit their research results, for assessing the innovation readiness of projects. The Bootcamp will introduce tools for conducting a reality check and define more objectively the progress towards commercialization.