Vitalise-Project / VITALISE News | Living Lab Expert Dr. Teemu Santonen Honored with Veli Pekka Niitamo Award for Best Research Paper

VITALISE News | Living Lab Expert Dr. Teemu Santonen Honored with Veli Pekka Niitamo Award for Best Research Paper

During the Open Living Lab Days 2023 event, Dr. Teemu Santonen, our esteemed partner from LAUREA, received the prestigious Veli Pekka Niitamo Award for the Best Full Research Paper. Dr. Santonen was honored for his outstanding scientific paper titled “Towards living lab value proposition: Living lab experts’ perceptions on living lab value.”

Best Full Research Paper Award

The paper centers on the transition of living labs and is the result of collaborative efforts. In addition to Dr. Teemu Santonen, the following individuals contributed significantly to the paper: Ms. Silia Petronikolou, Ms. Despoina Petsani, Mr. Sarantis Dimitriadis, Dr. Panos Bamidis, and Dr. Evdokimos Konstantinidis. The paper provides an in-depth explanation and presentation of the living lab methodology, taking into account the existing findings on the value that Living Labs offer.

Awarded Dr. Teemu Santonen with Dr. Evdokimos Konstantinidis and Ms Despoina Petsani

Paper Abstract

Prior studies have argued that the value of what living labs are providing is blurry. Grounded on the Living Lab experts’ opinions, the study aims to identify the key value proposition elements for Living Labs. An online workshop was arranged in which 22 experts provided a total of 209 value proposition suggestions. Participants were asked to generate value propositions for the following Living Lab customer groups and for different innovation process phases: researchers, policy makers and public authorities, and SMEs/companies. The suggestions strongly relying on the activities that living labs are doing and resulted in an initial categorization of Living Lab values. In the follow-up process, expert arguments were used as a guidance for literature search, in which the following quantifiable value proposition elements were defined: 1) Economic benefits, 2) Improved innovation, 3) Better validity and reliability, 4) Benefits for the users and society, 5) Enhanced collaboration and networking possibilities, 6) Safe environment for RDI and 7) Increased skills and capabilities.