Vitalise-Project / VITALISE Participation in Open Living Lab Days 2023

VITALISE Participation in Open Living Lab Days 2023

The Open Living Lab Days 2023 (#OLLD23) this year took place in Barcelona, Spain on 21-23 September 2023 and was organized by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). During the 3-day event a diverse array of research sessions, hands-on workshops and interactive discussions provided attendees with a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in the fields of living labs.

The conference opened on September 20, 2023 (Day 0), with sessions on the training on Living Lab Methos and Tools. On September 21 (Day 1), the conference officially kicked off and a series of sessions followed, focusing on transitions towards a Digital, Green, Social and Just world. Day 2 of #OLLD23 (September 22) was full of sessions on specific topics such as gender, climate change, international cooperation and green digital solutions.  On September 23 (Day 3) the participants had the opportunity to visit the Barcelona Open Innovation ecosystem, a living lab for Co-creation, where innovative ideas and projects are explored to transform the care of people and improve their lives. In the same day, the closing of the OLLD23 developed a grand finale meetup at the seaside of Barcelona.

Living Lab Harmonization Session | VITALISE Presentation

On the September 21st, 2023 (Day 1) our project was represented by our partners from AUTH, Prof. Panos Bamidis (VITALISE scientific coordinator), Mr. Evdokimos Kostantinidis (VITALISE coordinator),  Ms Despoina Petsani (VITALISE Harmonization Board Coordinator), along with Dr. Teemu Santonen from LAUREA and Dr. Eva Kehayia from McGill University.  The team talked about the VITALISE initiative and dedication to the integration of Living Labs into the broader Research Infrastructure landscape and substantiating their status as integral components of Research Infrastructures.

The sessions title was Living Lab Harmonization: the journey towards a common language and aimed to provide attendees with comprehensive insights into the ongoing efforts related to the Living Lab Harmonization Process, while the Living Lab Lexicon was introduced as a useful tool to be incorporated in the living lab methodology. The Living Lab Harmonization framework was highlighted as a carefully designed strategy to facilitate seamless and efficient access to Living Lab Research Infrastructures.

The session initiated a thoughtful discussion on the role of the Living Lab Harmonization enhancing the standing and relevance of Living Labs within the Research Infrastructure ecosystem. In addition, a concrete roadmap for the future was established through the establishment of a Harmonization Working Group, which will continue to drive forward the Living Lab Harmonization efforts.

The session’s programme was structured as follows:

  • 5‘Welcome and introduction (Panos Bamidis)
  • 10’ Harmonization Methodology overview (Despoina Petsani)
  • 10′ Living Lab KPIs (Koen Vervoort)
  • 7′ Commentary (Jana Kolar, audience)
  • 10’ Living Lab Lexicon (Eva Kehayia)
  • 7′ Commentary (Jana Kolar, audience)
  • 10′ Research and innovation process (Teemu Santonen)
  • 7′ Commentary (Jana Kolar, audience)
  • 10′ Methods and tools (Despoina Petsani)
  • 7′ Commentary (Jana Kolar, audience)
  • 10 Living Labs in the Research Infrastructures landscape (Evdokimos Konstantinidis)

VITALISE partner awarded for Best Research Paper

During the closing day of the Open Living Lab Days 2023, our partner from LAUREA, Dr. Teemu Santonen was awarded with the Veli-Pekka Niitamo Best full research paper award for his work on the paper entitled “Towards living lab value proposition: Living Lab experts’ perceptions on living lab value.” The awards were given by Mr. Dimitri Schuurman, Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee.

Awarded Dr. Teemu Santonen with Dr. Evdokimos Konstantinidis and Ms Despoina Petsani

The Open Living Lab days 2023 served as an invaluable platform for the research community to engage in meaningful discussions and express their enthusiasm for the living lab methodology. The VITALISE project felt honored to be part of the event and network, exchange best practices, and collaborate on cutting-edge projects and reflect on the latest trends and how to shape the future.