Vitalise-Project / VITALISE Plenary Meeting in Madrid, Spain

VITALISE Plenary Meeting in Madrid, Spain

On 28th and 29th November 2023 in the vibrant city of Madrid, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) premises hosted the VITALISE Plenary Meeting, bringing together the entire consortium to delve into pivotal discussions and display the latest progress made in the VITALISE project.

Day 1: Progress made and Goals Achieved

Kicking off the meeting, Mr. Evdokimos Konstantinidis, VITALISE Project Coordinator, extended a warm welcome to all partners, initiating conversations on the current project status. Ms. Despoina Petsani then took the stage, offering a detailed overview of progress, focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs), achieved milestones, and upcoming activities. The day ended with Ms. Guilia Onorati’s (SIT) updates on Transnational Access and the plan for an imminent Scientific Publication.

Day 2 Insights and Next Steps

The second day of the Plenary Meeting started with the official launch of the Virtual Access service and an interesting presentation on the Technical infrastructure made by CERTH, while VICOMTECH partners showcased the User Interface (UI) for Living Lab (LL) managers uploading data.

Next on the agenda was VITALISE’s Joint Research Activities, where Ms. Kim Helsen from LiCalab, Ms. Despoina Petsani from AUTH, and Mr. Teemu Santonen from LAUREA spearheaded discussions on common analysis and reporting for Joint Research Activities.

Mr. Pantelis Kanellopoulos and Ms Erilda Goga form VILABS along with Anthology Ventures delved into the Exploitation and Sustainability plan of the VITALISE results, underscoring the significance of the project’s objectives and their impact on the future. The visit to the UPM Living Lab, LifeSpace, provided a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technology and innovation produced by the UPM team.

ENoLL and AUTH took the lead in discussions aimed at harmonizing efforts within the VITALISE project through the VITALISE Harmonization Body and the establishment of a Harmonization Working Group. Updates on the VITALISE Master Course and educational materials were provided by ENoLL and LAUREA.

The day concluded with the planning for the grand finale of the VITALISE project, where the consortium will meet again.

Highlights of VITALISE’s Plenary Meeting