Vitalise-Project / VITALISE Unveils Accelup Platform to Drive Innovation | Thessaloniki Meeting

VITALISE Unveils Accelup Platform to Drive Innovation | Thessaloniki Meeting

Accelup is a unique value creating platform that opens living lab infrastructures to the innovation ecosystem and research activities. The platform will provide a single point of access to a network of living labs, as well as a suite of tools and resources to help innovators and researchers develop and test new ideas. Accelup has been created based on the research work performed in the VITALISE project and is expected to play a key role in driving innovation and economic growth in Europe and beyond.

On October 5th, 2023, the VITALISE partners from ENoLLViLabsAUTH and Anthology Ventures met in Thessaloniki, Greece at the ViLabs premises in order to discuss the next steps of the very promising Accelup platform which aims to be the unique value creating platform that opens living lab infrastructures to the innovation ecosystem and research activities.

The meeting was a full day one which had the form of a workshop where brainstorming sessions and numerical exercises were held for identifying the optimum scenarios for the future actions of the Accelup Platform. The meeting included the following thematic and aspects of:

  • Joint ownership agreement;
  • Further analysis of the ecosystem and strategy set up;
  • Finalization of SWOT analysis for Accelup
  • Business model definition and reflection of alternatives,
  • Revenue forecastingfixed and variable costs, balance and cash needs.

The meeting was very productive, and the involved partners made significant progress in finalizing the plans for Accelup. The platform is expected to be launched in early 2024.