Vitalise-Project / VITALISE Unveils Virtual Access Service for Open Research Advancements

VITALISE Unveils Virtual Access Service for Open Research Advancements

VITALISE project is proud to announce the Virtual Access Deployment, a groundbreaking service aimed at promoting Open Research. This remarkable endeavor opens the doors to a world of data access, curation, and analysis, ushering in a new era of convenience and effectiveness for researchers.

Unlocking a Wealth of Data: What’s Inside?

Virtual Access provides researchers with seamless access to a wealth of datasets sourced from the VITALISE Living Lab Network, carefully selected during the Joint Research Activities, and the cutting-edge ICT tools developed within the project. These datasets, predominantly in .csv format, are fully GDPR compliant and are categorized into two distinct domains: Active and Healthy Ageing and Health.

Demystifying Virtual Access: How Does It Operate?

The VITALISE Discovery Portal: This cloud-based portal is a repository of metadata catalogues that encompass datasets, both compliant with the Non Data Model and conforming to the VITALISE Data Model. It empowers users to explore and discover tools for understanding experiment properties, available data, and access regulations as defined by the corresponding Living Lab.

The RAI Cloud Server: Responsible for safeguarding the longevity of research analysis results, the RAI Cloud Server registers information and research assets linked to scientific experiments upon a researcher’s request. This information is securely encrypted and immutably recorded on a blockchain network, resulting in a unique RAI identifier.

Ready to Join the Revolution in Research and Innovation?

If you’re eager to participate in Virtual Access and contribute to the advancement of Research and Innovation, we invite you to explore the application procedure and eligibility criteria by following this link:

Enroll today and embark on a journey towards discovery, innovation, and transformation:

VITALISE remains committed to fostering collaboration, propelling research forward. Stay tuned for further updates from VITALISE Virtual Access service and latest news.