Vitalise-Project / We are looking for research proposal evaluators!

We are looking for research proposal evaluators!

Are you a recognised researcher with demonstrated research work and/or experience in the Health & Wellbeing domain, Living Lab methodology, or research infrastructure management? VITALISE project is looking for external evaluators to join our team during the Open Calls that will run throughout the project (until May 2023). Apply to join our team as a research proposal evaluator today!


VITALISE project ensures effective and convenient access to seventeen (17) Living Lab research infrastructures for European researchers, from both academia and industry, to conduct research in the Health & Wellbeing domain for the advancement of knowledge and technology. The process of granting Transnational Access to research infrastructures will be managed through three (3) consecutive Open Calls, starting from March 2022 where external researchers will be invited to submit their research proposals for approval either on topics concerning the Joint Research Activities of the project (rehabilitation, transitional care and everyday living environments) or to conduct their own research in agreement with the corresponding Research Infrastructure Leader.

The final selection will be done by the Evaluators Board, a team of expert internal and external evaluators.

What will my responsibilities be?

As an external evaluator you will:

  • evaluate the proposals based on the information provided in the application form by the applicants
  • grade the research proposals that are granted for Transnational Access accordingly.
What are the requirements?

If one or more of the below criteria matches your profile, i.e., you have demonstrated experience:

  • in the Health & Wellbeing domain
  • in the Living Lab methodology
  • in managing research infrastructures
  • in technology and innovation
  • in academic achievement with relevant publications
  • as an evaluator

…we will be happy to meet you and discuss the opportunity to have you on our team as an external evaluator!

What information do you need from me?

What we need from you is:

  • A CV (about 2 pages)
  • A Motivational Letter, about half a page (approx. 1000 characters)
  • A confirmation that you are available to work as an evaluator during one or all of the following time periods: (i) 1st call: June – July 2002, (ii) 2nd call: February – March 2023 and (iii) 3rd call: July – August – September 2023.
What is in it for me?

As an external evaluator in VITALISE project you will receive:

  • Access to a broad network of researchers and organisations;
  • The experience of working with multidisciplinary research groups and recognised professionals in the field;
  • Financial compensation of 30€ per proposal evaluated.
How do I apply?

Requests will be processed in chronological order of receipt from assigned members of the VITALISE Consortium. Send us your application and/or any other relevant questions via email here: info (at)

Application Deadline: Friday, 18 March 2022.

Thank you for your interest! Let’s shape the future of Living Labs together!